Electronic acupuncture acupen to heal itself at home


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An Electronic Acupuncture Pen to practice acupuncture at home. A powerful product to heal by increasing efficiently the blood flow on targeted areas.

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<p>The Electronic Acupuncture Pen (also called Handheld Electronic Acupen) is a very efficient product to increase blood circulation. It is possible to use the electronic acupuncture pen on almost any part of the body. The electronic acupuncture pen is a pain relief help. The electronic acupuncture pen also helps to heal all of the conditions due to a poor blood circulation.</p><p></p><p>The electronic acupuncture pen W-912 is sold with 4 different acupuncture heads. Those 4 heads allow to target all of the existing acupuncture point in different ways.</p><p></p><p>The electronic acupuncture pen W-912 is not like a electrical stimulator. The electronic acupuncture pen W-912 doesn't require conductive gel and can be used on all body parts.</p>

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